Rustic Cedar Split Rail Fence

Northern White Cedar Fencing is the Natural Choice

Our northern white cedar split rail fencing lasts fifty years or more in all kinds of weather. Consider the beauty and simplicity of split rail fencing. Imagine the convenience of having no artificial finish to maintain! After a few years, your split rail fence will weather to a beautiful silvery gray. Your neighbors will admire the charm of your naturally fenced landscape. You can sit back and enjoy your peaceful country setting.
Western Style Fence from the Forest Direct to Your Property

The timber for our split rails is harvested in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We buy bolts of Northern White Cedar, split the rails at our company in Wausaukee, Wisconsin, and ship them direct to our customers.

Did we mention that all of our rails are hand split?

Early American settlers discovered the positive qualities of Northern White Cedar and chose it for split rail fencing because it is Decay Resistant, Eco-Friendly and Long Lasting.

Northern white cedar is naturally decay resistant eliminating the need for “treated” wood
No finish coating is needed… just let your split rails season and weather to a beautiful natural look. Enjoy your Eco-Friendly fence for 50 years or more!

Northern White Cedar is Still the Best Choice and Still Available!

ALSO – New products for 2018
12′ long round rails
$14 each