About Us

About 1Our firm, Stream Forest Products, is located in Wausaukee, Wisconsin. We have been in the forest products business for many years and have handled a variety of products such as hardwood veneer logs, sawlogs, birds eye maple and curly maple veneer. Our latest product line, split cedar rail fencing, manufactured from northern white cedar harvested nearby, is an exciting venture for Mick Stream, owner of Stream Forest Products.

Mick learned to split rails by hand when he was a young lad and now he splits the rails offered for sale at this site with a rail splitter he designed for his own use. He purchases fresh cut Northern White Cedar bolts from local loggers and processes them into split rails and fence posts sold locally and online at this site.

ATTENTION: We have hard to find 12′ long split rails at $14 per rail.

The Longest Fence Mick Has Built

Mick StreamLocated on 120 acres in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Mick Stream erected a four rail high fence which zig zags around his property. Two miles long, it took a total of 6,276 eight-foot long split rails!

Stream Forest Products receives awardMick was awarded this plaque commemorating the completion of his 2 mile long fence. In the photo on the right, he just placed the last two rails of this remarkable fence. When it was finished, he flung his hammer into the woods and exclaimed, “It’s done.”

A Very Unique Opportunity

Everyone admires the simple beauty of a split rail fence. Most DIY landscapers can erect one but only a few people know how to actually split the rails. Mick Stream is a very accomplished rail splitter. He offers his customers the unique opportunity of purchasing old fashioned split rail fencing material direct from his northern white cedar yard.