Our products are listed below. Shipping costs vary greatly depending upon the size of your order and the current shipping prices being charged by our carriers. Contact us for price quotes and to place your order. We will check shipping costs and provide your quote ASAP. We do not mark up the cost of shipping… you pay whatever the carrier charges us. We will get the best shipping rate we can negotiate for your order.

Example: On 1/4 mile of Colonial Fence (zig-zag), 4 rails high, the cost would be close to $5,800.00. That is 800 rails at $7 per rail, plus freight.
For large orders of 1000 rails or more we will install the fence if it is the customer’s wish. Price varies upon type of terrain and accessibility. Our two man crew can usually put up around 250-300 rails per day in the zig-zag pattern.

northern white cedar split railsRustic Split Rails – Rustic Split Rails.
Rails are northern white cedar… long lasting, durable, decay resistant. Available in 8 ft and 10 ft lengths. Contact us for assistance to calculate how many rails to order or view our calculation instructions.
Split Rail Price: 8 ft – $8, 10 ft – $10.
Round Rail Price: 12 ft -$14
Fence Post Price 8 ft – $8


Rustic Fence PostsRustic Cedar Fence Post – Rustic Fence Posts.
Fence posts are used in the Western Style Fence. Posts are of northern white cedar…
long lasting, durable, decay resistant. Available in 8 foot lengths. Contact us for assistance determining how many posts to order for your fence design.

Price: 8 ft – $8



Cedar BlocksCedar Blocks.
Cedar blocks are used in Colonial (zig-zag) Style Fences and are placed under the first course of rails where one rail end crosses another. These blocks keep the fence elevated from the ground and protect the rails from early decay caused by moisture.n Colonial (zig-zag) Style Fences. They are placed under the bottom course of rails where one section of rails crosses another section. They provide a barrier from ground moisture and help protect your fence.